For worshippers who prefer a traditional Methodist worship service. The organ, piano, and musical guests support the hymn singing and provide special music.
Nursery and child care is available for children younger than 5 in rooms 7 and 8.




11:00 AM


For worshippers who prefer a contemporary worship service.  Offering a more casual atmosphere, this service features a praise band (drums, guitars, keyboards, other percussion, as well as singers).

Nursery is available for children younger than 3 in rooms 7 and 8.

Sunday school is offered for Kindergarden- 5th graders, middle school and high school. 


Indoor Mask Requirement Lifted 

As a result of the newly released guidelines from the CDC,
the HUMC Church Council has voted to lift the indoor mask requirement, effective immediately.


Please note the following caveats/recommendations


Individuals who choose to wear a mask in worship may sit anywhere.

  In addition, a section of the sanctuary (the back several pews on the left side of the sanctuary) will be reserved for those who feel more comfortable worshipping among people wearing masks.

During services, masks will be required in this section. Ushers can direct people accordingly.


We will maintain vaccination requirement for any singing and wind-based instrumentation due to the high-risk nature of this activity.


The Music Director has the final decision whether any singing/wind-based music group will wear a mask or leave  mask wearing as optional.


Wearing masks is strongly recommended, and appreciated, when in the ELC section of the church building while ELC is in session.




Together we are a community of believers who believe that together in worship, prayer, study and fellowship we grow closer to God and one another.


There is no dress code for attending our services. The congregation is encouraged to dress however they feel comfortable for all of our services. Attendees of our contemporary services tend to dress more casually from jeans to business casual. Attendees of our traditional services tend to dress up more, from business casual to suits.

We believe that engaging in fellowship is a very important thing. Small groups allow for us to grow together as the body of Christ.

Looking to get a start and learn more about the fundamentals of the Bible and your faith journey? Jump into one of the offerings for children through youth, as well as adults, and learn more today.

FELLOWSHIP - Holy Grounds Cafe

Looking to engage in a relaxed enviorment?

We gather every Sunday morning in the Holy Grounds Cafe' for a warm "cup of java" and conversation.  We would love it if you could join us!


By all means we want you to come as your are.  One of our main goals here is to make sure you feel comfortable.  When you walk through our doors we want you to feel welcomed and loved every single time.  We understand that no one is perfect.  The only thing we can do is love each other and extend grace. 


We encourage everyone to bring their Bibles. God calls for us to dive into the word, and we want to do that together. Most of us carry arround a Bible in our pocket every day without thinking. Feel free to pull out your smart phones and open up your Bible on whatever app you wish. Let's read and grow in faith together!



We want everyone involved as much as possible. In order to get started please make sure you meet these check points.

  • Pick the ministry that best fits you

  • Make sure you are available for the specific time


Once you pick out a ministry that is best for you these next steps are very important. Please follow these as closely as possible

  • Connect and engage with one another
  • Build relationships with one another
  • Go outside your comfort zone


Step 3 is the most important of them all! We want to make sure you follow this step through out the entire process even if it is the last step.

  • Have FUN
  • Build relationships