What time is your service?

We hold services on Sunday at 9:00 a.m, and 11 a.m. Each Sunday one of our services is also streamed live to our church YouTube channel  

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What takes place in your services?

Each of the services consists of prayer, singing and a pastoral message.  View a recent service by clicking here.

How should I address the pastor?

Most people address their pastors by their first names only. If you prefer to greet them more formally, you may use the title “Pastor” before either their first or last name.

How am I expected to participate in the service?

Many of the congregation sing, pray, listen greet those around you. You may follow along in the hymnal and/or on the screen at the front of the church. There will be times to sit and times when you will be expected to stand if you are able. These times will be announced during the service.

What is expected of me as a visitor?

We hope that you will receive a blessing from attending our service. We will ask that all our worshipers register their attendance on forms provided in the service. We try to greet everyone so it is likely that you will be welcomed and asked if you are visiting but you will not be singled out as a visitor.

What should I wear to the Services?

There is no dress code for attending our services. The congregation is encouraged to dress however they feel comfortable for all of our services. Attendees of our contemporary services tend to dress more casually from jeans to business casual. Attendees of our traditional services tend to dress up more, from business casual to suits.

Are children welcome in the worship service?

Children are always welcome to attend Sunday services with their parents. However, for your convenience, childcare for infants and toddlers is available for all services. Also, many children prefer to attend the age specific classes and worship activities that are available during the 11:00 service. Classes and activities range from preschool through high school.

Do you offer Communion?

We offer Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Communion is open to all members and visitors. The only requirement is that you intend to lead a Christian Life. It is acceptable for anyone choosing not to partake in Communion to remain seated during that part of the service.

What does it take to become a member?

New adult members join primarily by transferring from another church or through baptism and a profession of faith. Youth generally join following the completion of our Confirmation Class. We provide membership information classes for those interested in joining our church.



Together we are a community of believers who believe that together in worship, prayer, study and fellowship we grow closer to God and one another.

We believe that engaging in fellowship is a very important thing. Small groups allow for us to grow together as the body of Christ.

Looking to get a start and learn more about the fundamentals of the Bible and your faith journey? Jump into one of the offerings for children through youth, as well as adults, and learn more today.

FELLOWSHIP - Holy Grounds Cafe

Looking to engage in a relaxed environment?

We gather every Sunday morning in the Holy Grounds Cafe' for a warm cup of coffee and conversation.  We would love it if you could join us!