Hockessin United Methodist Church is the most active mission church in our region for the United Methodist Conference.

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  • Africa University
  • Central Congo Partnership
  • Grace Children's Hospital - 418520
  • Imagine No Malaria
  • Megan's Mercy Project
  • Liberian Pastor Training


  • Angel Tree
  • Camperships
  • BOOM Scholarship
  • Camp Pecometh (Spain Grants)
  • Camp Pecometh Retreat Center
  • Emmanuel Dining Room
  • Family Promise
  • Family Promise Network
  • Fellowship of Christin Athletes
  • Good Neighbors
  • PD Student Scholarship Sunday
  • Deaf Ministries
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Homes for Aged - PUMH
  • Methodist Action Program
  • Neighborhood House
  • Urban Promise
  • Wesley Foundation - UD
  • Missions Central-Wilm
  • Threads of Comfort
  • Sunday Breakfast Mission
  • Youth For Christ
  • Other Projects



  • ASP Team Support
  • Meals for Millions-Potato Proj(UMM)
  • Red Bird Mission-General
  • Red Bird Mission-Summer Youth
  • Missionaries
  • Missionaries, Suzanne Pohli
  • Missionaries, Quiggs-Steve & Gail
  • Missionaries, Zimmerman-Mark & Deidre
  • Missionaries, Donna Baker
  • Missionaries, Jonathan Baker
  • Special Appeals
  • CAS Sunday/AC Appeals (Easter)
  • Human Relations Sunday
  • Native American Sunday
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Peace with Justice Sunday
  • Student Day
  • World Communion Sunday

      URBAN PROMISE                      FAMILY PROMISE

UrbanPromise summer camps reopening!

 After not being able to open last summer due to Covid-19, UrbanPromise is reopening free summer camps for children and youth starting in June 2021 . UPW employs Wilmington high school and college students as camp leaders and instructors, and is the largest employer of these students in the city. Listed below are items and supplies needed for the camps. If you are willing to supply some of these items, please communicate to Bob Heffelfinger,, 302 547-7526, since this request is going to many churches and we need to update the commitments. You can either leave them at HUMC near the Holy Grounds cafe or notify Bob Heffelfinger to pick them up.

Summer Camp 2021 supplies needed


A - 150 paper plates and 10 packs of white index cards

B - 30 packs Color Markers (Crayola)

C - 30 pair children's scissors and 4 containers of baby powder

D - 160 Craft Sticks and 10 rolls of thin ribbon (different colors)

E - 160 Manila Folders

F - 160 sheets of black construction paper

G - 160 sheets of blue paper (does not need to be construction paper)

H - 8 boxes of Ziploc Sandwich Bags and 4 packs of coffee filters (with 40 or more)

I - 8 bottles of Tacky Glue and 10 rolls of duct tape

J - 160 white paper cups and 20 packs of Pipe Cleaners (any colors)

K - 10 rolls masking tape and 10 packs of black Sharpies (fine - not ultrafine)

L - 10 packs of Color Sharpies

M - Pony Beads - 160 of each color: green, blue, red, purple, black, white and yellow

N - 160 wooden cross charms

O - 40 small orange playground/sports cones

P - 8 decks of playing cards and 24 kids bibles (8 for very young with pictures and 16 for 4th and 5th grade readers)

Q - 4 rolds butcher paper

R - 100 sheets of white poster board and 100 sheets of multi color poster board

S - 8 hole punches and 10 sheets of red card stock (for hearts)

T - 28 rolls paper towels and 20 bibles for middle schoolers (good for a girl or boy)

U - 10 boxes (of 100) of children's face mask

V - 10 large pumps of hand sanitizer and 16 cases of freeze pops

W - 10 Containers Clorox Wipes and 4 boxes of 50 name tags with pin on bag

X - 20 boxes of bandaids and 16 cases of Fruit Snacks

Y - 48 lanyards (like the woven cloth with a name badge hanging)

Z - 2 plastic light weight folding tables (8 foot long)

The fastest growing population of homeless people are intact families. Existing programs in Delaware are focused on single adults and/or women with young children – few organizations in Delaware are designed to help families who lose their homes.

Family Promise is a national interfaith organization providing food and hospitality for homeless families since 1988. There are more than 141 operating networks in over 39 states, involving more than 120,000 volunteers from more than 5,000 congregations – assisting more than 220,000 people, including more than 130,000 children. In 2006, 80% of the families assisted by Family Promise found housing!

The Northern New Castle County Plan: A “Network” involves a partnership of 13 congregations, a Family Promise Day Center and a van for transport. A Family Promise Center provides assistance (job leads, counseling, shower and laundry facilities, etc.) during the day. In the evenings the families are transported to an area congregation where they are provided dinner, their own rooms for the night, and breakfast. The families are taken back to the Day Center. Participating congregations host three or four families for one week each quarter (only four weeks a year). The Network provides the beds and the transportation to and from the Family Promise Center.

Hockessin United Methodist Church is a host congregation. By hosting families, we meet, help and worship with the homeless families we are hosting. Nationally, Family Promise has found this model to be economical vs. other types of assistance.


Hockessin United Methodist Church supports Habitat for Humanity in many ways. Recently, a silent auction raised almost $3,500 to support Habitat's objective of providing housing.

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing organization.

We welcome all people to join us as we build simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with those who lack adequate shelter.

Since 1976, Habitat has built more than 175,000 houses, providing shelter for nearly 900,000 people worldwide. Now at work in 100 countries, we are building a house every 26 minutes. By 2006, Habitat houses will be sheltering 1 million people.

Local Habitat affiliates coordinate house building and select partner families.

Habitat houses are purchased by the homeowner families. Three factors make the houses affordable to low-income people worldwide:

  • Houses are sold at no profit, with no interest 

charged on the mortgage.

  • Homeowners and volunteers build the houses 

under trained supervision.

  • Individuals, corporations, faith groups and others 

provide financial support.

Homeowner families are chosen according to their need; their ability to repay the no-profit, no-interest mortgage; and their willingness to work in partnership with Habitat. Habitat for Humanity does not discriminate according to race, religion or ethnic group.



Housed in the basement of Founders' Hall, HUMC provides the only clothes ministry in the area. Volunteers are needed to sort and organize the clothes and to staff the clothes closet.


Appalachia Service Project is a Christian ministry, open to all people, that inspires hope and service through volunteer home repair in Central Appalachia.


Emmanuel Dining Room is in center city Wilmington and provides daily hot lunches to needy adults and children. Hockessin UMC provides the daily hot meal on the 9th of

each month. Cooking is done at HUMC on the 7th. Volunteers are needed both days, and also as cookie bakers. 


Sunday Breakfast Mission is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing programs for low to moderate income families, youth, adults and senior citizens. HUMC members contribute food and other items for the Food Closet, Thanksgiving and Easter meal baskets.


Methodist Action Program provides many kinds of mission outreach to the people of Wilmington. Outreach is designed to enable people to become independent of government assistance.


Good Neighbors Inc. provides home repairs and financial guidance to homeowners who lack the physical or financial means to make necessary home repairs. For 25 years, with support from generous donors and local volunteers, Good Neighbors has helped hundreds of families in southern Chester County, PA.  In so doing, we restore hope and dignity to our neighbors and our neighborhoods. Now, we are expanding in to northern New Castle County, DE to share with homeowners there our hope as neighbors who care.


Each week Hockessin UMC members read aloud to toddlers and pre-school children from low income families at 2 area sites.


The mission of UrbanPromise is to teach children and young adults the skills necessary for spiritual growth, academic achievement, life management and Christian leadership. Hockessin UMC members volunteer in a variety of ways to support this ministry


Angel Tree reaches out to the children of prisoners and their families helping to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through Christ.  Angel Tree Christmas works by connecting parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts.