The fastest growing population of homeless people are intact families. Existing programs in Delaware are focused on single adults and/or women with young children – few organizations in Delaware are designed to help families who lose their homes.

Family Promise is a national interfaith organization providing food and hospitality for homeless families since 1988. There are more than 141 operating networks in over 39 states, involving more than 120,000 volunteers from more than 5,000 congregations – assisting more than 220,000 people, including more than 130,000 children. In 2006, 80% of the families assisted by Family Promise found housing!

The Northern New Castle County Plan: A “Network” involves a partnership of 13 congregations, a Family Promise Day Center and a van for transport. A Family Promise Center provides assistance (job leads, counseling, shower and laundry facilities, etc.) during the day. In the evenings the families are transported to an area congregation where they are provided dinner, their own rooms for the night, and breakfast. The families are taken back to the Day Center. Participating congregations host three or four families for one week each quarter (only four weeks a year). The Network provides the beds and the transportation to and from the Family Promise Center.

Hockessin United Methodist Church is a host congregation. By hosting families, we meet, help and worship with the homeless families we are hosting. Nationally, Family Promise has found this model to be economical vs. other types of assistance.

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