Carl & Laura Immediato

Directors of Youth Ministries

Carl was born and raised in a Christian family in Wilmington DE. He professed his Faith in Jesus and was Baptized and Confirmed. As life would have it, he had many experiences that strengthened his faith through the years. Carl joined the Methodist Church in 2003 and immediately joined contemporary Praise and Worship bands as a drummer and has been playing for services and outreach programs ever since. Carl has created an organization called - Christian Drummers, with the vision to unite the Christian drumming community at the local level and then have the Holy Spirit leverage the organization to do outreach and mission work globally.  

Laura was born and raised in Hockessin, DE, and hasn't gone far!  Laura was raised in a Christian family and extremely active in the youth group and programs. Her passion is seeing lives on fire for Christ!  You can find her with her kids or behind a camera taking pictures or posting and updating social media. 

Carl has been involved in lay leadership at HUMC as Chair of the Communications Committee and has created numerous video communications for ministries.  By the prompting of the Holy Spirit, Carl and his wife Laura have joined the Staff at HUMC in 2015 as Co-Youth Directors. They are devoted in developing Christian core values in our youth that is so vital to establish early on so as to build a strong foundation and carry through into their daily lives. The mission and vision of the Youth Ministry is to engage our students through creative, fun and contemporary Christian programs and to challenge them to discover who they are in Christ.

Carl & Laura are blessed to have five children, Melayna, Seth, Kyle, Luke and Leah. Carl works for Air Liquide in Delaware as a safety consultant.  Carl and Laura enjoy traveling, music, cooking, learning, teaching, volunteering and mission trips.